The National Hospice Foundation (NHF) is dedicated to creating resources for individuals and families facing a life-limiting illness, raising awareness for the need for hospice care, and providing ongoing professional education and skills development to hospice and palliative care professionals across the nation.

Together, we can improve care at the end of life throughout the United States. Your donation funds programs that make a difference in the lives of the patients and families served by more than 70,000 hospice and palliative care professionals nationwide.

The National Hospice Foundation seeks to maximize its impact by allocating resources to programs that provide direct services, education or training to the following interests:


Illness, death, and grief touch everyone. Yet, most people do not think about these issues until they are personally affected by them. CaringInfo brings information to people before a crisis, helping individuals and families learn about, prepare for and find support during the last months of life.

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Disaster Relief Fund

The Disaster Relief Fund was specifically established to aid the hospice community when disaster overwhelms regularly-available resources. Financial donations are one of the most helpful ways to address needs in the imminent wake of destruction.

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The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization is committed to champion access to the right care at the right time for all people.  Yet, of all patients utilizing hospice in 2013, approximately 8% were identified as black or African American and 7% as Hispanic or Latino. 

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Lighthouse of Hope Fund

People living with life-limiting illnesses often have special wishes. They wish to speak with long-lost family members, revisit a favorite place or experience a simple dream such as a dinner out with a spouse. The Lighthouse of Hope Fund seeks to meet these end-of-life requests.

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Moments of Life

Moments of Life: Made Possible by Hospice is showing the world that hospice is about more than care for the dying. Hospice and palliative care can make more meaningful moments possible, even when a person is facing a serious or even terminal illness.

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Palliative Care

All Hospice is Palliative Care but Not all Palliative Care is Hospice. Ten years ago, palliative care was a unique and frequently misunderstood medical specialty. Sometimes referred to as “comfort care,” palliative care is a specialized approach. The goal of palliative care is to provide relief from the symptoms, pain and stress of serious illness. It is designed to improve the quality of life of both the patient and the patient’s family.

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Children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions often have complex needs that require care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can put enormous pressure on families, caregivers and siblings.

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We Honor Veterans

In partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, NHPCO offers programs and services focused on improving the quality of hospice and palliative care for Veterans and their families in communities across the US.

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