African Hospices Can Now Benefit from the National Hospice Foundation’s Run to Remember® Program

For Immediate Release:
February 4, 2013

Shepherd’s Hospice in Sierra Leone to be first African Hospice to Benefit from New Fundraising Opportunity

(Alexandria, VA) – Ellen Green, Senior Director of Counseling Services at Hosparus Inc., that serves Kentucky and Southern Indiana, is the first person to take advantage of a new opportunity to raise money for an African hospice through the National Hospice Foundation’s Run to Remember® program.

Green will be 61 on the day she plans to run the Carmel Marathon in Carmel, Indiana, on April 20, 2013. This is her first marathon.

Since 2009 Hosparus has partnered to provide support to Shepherd’s Hospice in Sierra Leone. Green will use the Carmel Marathon to raise funds to support their sister hospice a continent away.

“I have run five half-marathons in the past five years and I decided I wanted to try a full one. I know our sister hospice in Sierra Leone has many needs. I thought raising money for Shepherd’s Hospice would provide some additional motivation and inspiration for me as I continue my training,” said Green.

Shepherd’s Hospice is headquartered in Sierra Leone’s capital city of Freetown and has a clinic in a rural part of the country. In February, they will be breaking new ground for a 10-bed clinic and hope to have it built by the summer of 2014.

Hosparus hopes to raise $15,000 to help furnish the new clinic with medical equipment. With a $15,000 investment, Hosparus can work with the nonprofit Supplies Overseas to ship approximately $150,000 - $200,000 worth of equipment to the Shepherd’s Hospice.

A new policy at National Hospice Foundation’s Run to Remember program means that runners and walkers who are raising money for hospice care can now designate 50% of their proceeds to go to an African hospice. In the past, such designations were restricted to U.S. hospices. 

African hospices must be a participant in the partnering program of FHSSA, a U.S.-based nonprofit organization.

FHSSA began as the Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa and is an affiliate of the National Hospice Foundation. A major part of FHSSA’s work is connecting U.S. programs with African programs for mutual benefit.

With this change, African hospices that are FHSSA partners can benefit directly from runners and walkers raising money through Run to Remember.

“By opening up Run to Remember to FHSSA, we are adding an exciting, active way for FHSSA supporters to raise money for an African partner,” says John Mastrojohn, executive director of both FHSSA and NHF.


For information, contact:
Susan Messina
Director, Special Projects

For 35 years, Hosparus, a fully accredited non-profit hospice organization, has provided care, comfort and counseling for people facing life-limiting illnesses in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Hosparus cares for nearly 6,000 patients and their families each year.  Hosparus serves patients and families regardless of their ability to pay.To reach their 24-hour care line, call 800-264-0521.

FHSSA’s mission is to build partnerships to enhance compassionate care in Africa,  

Run to Remember is the National Hospice Foundation’s athletic fundraising program. Through it, runners (or walkers) can choose any race (from 5K to marathon or beyond) and raise money for hospice,

The National Hospice Foundation envisions a world where everyone facing serious illness, death, and grief will experience the best that humankind can offer. Its mission is to inspire donors to advance compassionate end-of-life care,