Colin Skinner Is Walking—and Blogging—from NYC to Minot, ND to Raise Awareness of Hospice

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August 28, 2009

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(Alexandria, VA) – On August 21, 2009, Colin Skinner stepped off the plane from London at JFK International Airport. He began a remarkable journey. He plans to walk all the way from New York City to Minot, North Dakota. He is carrying nothing more than a backpack.

Skinner’s goal is to raise awareness of hospice. He has a “Walking for Hospice” sign on his backpack. He will gladly talk to anyone he encounters about hospice.

He will be visiting as many hospices as he can during his trek. He spent months carefully planning out his route and contacting hospices in all the states (and parts of Canada) he will visit. His goal is to meet patients, staff, and volunteers and talk to the media about his trip.

This journey is a slightly shortened version of the same walk he made in 1988. Then, he walked from New York City to San Francisco. He endured heat exhaustion in Staten Island in the blistering summer. In the high Sierra, he snow shoed through treacherous weather and terrain. All the way along, he kept a journal. He published it as Beyond the Setting Sun, a book he sells to raise money for hospice.

This time, Skinner is sending his dispatches straight to the National Hospice Foundation. They are being edited slightly and then published in an ongoing blog.

Skinner holds a PhD in molecular biology from University College London. His passion is these long-distance trips. He is thrilled to be back in the United States, retracing his path of 20 years ago.

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